ADL is adding Digital Software Code Signing to Modules

ADL Data Systems is adding Digital Software Code Signing to all the software modules.

This enhancement allows Virus Checking Software to quickly validate the software
without the need for extensive scanning. This should eliminate anti-virus false
positives and free up server resources for faster execution.

ADL Data Systems will need to know which Anti-Virus software is in use at the
facility to register the software with the anti-Virus software company.


What is a code signing certificate?

A code signing certificate is a digital certificate (also known as a software publisher’s certificate) with a patch of information that is attached to ADL Data software that is downloaded. It provides information about the Software Provider (ADL Data), the Certificate Authority (the company from which the certificate was purchased) and a Hash code that binds the download software to the ADL Data organization.

The Hash code binds software organization (ADL Data) with the precise downloaded software. If the size of the download changes, the product would change and there would be a mismatch between the assigned Hash and the one that the user’s system expects to receive, generating a warning message. This affords users assurance that the download is actually from ADL Data and that it hasn’t been tampered with.

What is a Certificate Authority (also Certification Authority or CA)?

A Certificate Authority is an organization that has been approved by the makers of operating systems, web browsers, and software (i.e. Microsoft, Adobe, Mac, Mozilla, Google, etc.) as an administrator of digital certificates. Certification authorities are trusted to verify the identity of software publishers and to manage a list of valid and expired or revoked digital certificates. They provide digital certificates for a fee and have the power to revoke certificates if it is found that the certificate holder is providing software that contains malicious code or otherwise operating contrary to its stated purpose.

Technical Information from Microsoft: