ADL to Release FDB Targeted Medication

ADL is adding Innovative Medication Decision Support to provide Actionable Guidance for Clinicians

Using FDB’s Targeted Medication Warnings™ the ADL/EMR will be able to leverage patient-specific, contextual clinical information within the EHR to identify only patients that manifest prescribing risks, so that resulting clinical guidance is more meaningful, actionable and presented at appropriate times in the clinical workflow.

Clinical Guidance with a Patient-First Approach

Targeted Medication Warnings is the only commercially available medication decision support content that leverages situational context and patient-specific parameters. Rather than alerting on potential clinical consequences of the medication therapy, context-relevant guidance is provided when it matters most.

The benefits are significant because as the Order Entry’s clinical decision support can incorporates more patient context, such as lab values or clinical risk scores. Thus the Order Entry can provide more meaningful information to act upon. This new, more targeted approach is designed to reduce alert fatigue and deliver meaningful, relevant, and actionable guidance to improve patient care.

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