ADL Interfaces with Real Time Medical Systems

Announcing the availability of Interface with Real Time Medical Systems. The New Interface continuously transmits EMR data to TranSights for processing and provides a direct link to their console.

TranSights™ Clinical provides care staff with detailed clinical alerts and intervention recommendations to ensure the appropriate care is administered, improving quality of care and reducing hospital readmissions.

Proactively manage quality data and outcomes with “Live” Quality Measures. TranSights uses real-time clinical documentation to generate daily QMs. These calculated care measures allow staff the opportunity to place corrective measures in place to reduce these measures in real-time. The days of relying on old MDS data and dated CASPER Reports are over.



NYS eMolst Now Accessible via ADL Order Entry

Now ADL users can connect directly to the NYS eMOLST Registry with a single signon, eliminating the need to provide a separate login. The eMOLST registry can be accessed directly from the ADL Order Entry application. This allows the MOLST form to be shared among different healthcare organizations and eliminates the need to print and send the MOLST form when a patient is being transferred.

What is eMOLST?

The New York eMOLST Registry is a secure web-based application that allows enrolled users to complete the eMOLST forms and MOLST Chart Documentation Form (CDF) and allows 24/7 access in an emergency. It allows for electronic completion of the current New York State Department of Health-5003 MOLST form. By moving the MOLST form to a readily accessible electronic format and creating the New York eMOLST Registry, health care providers, including EMS, can have access to MOLST forms at all sites of care including hospitals, nursing homes and in the community.

Online Tutorials are available at: //

New ADL Billing Services

ADL is pleased to announce the expansion of our existing consulting services. For over 35 years we have provided our clients with onsite and remote assistance in the business office and financial operations.  We now offer a complete package of services to assist the business office operations with a team approach.  The packages can be tailored to address your unique requirements.  Partner with us to fill your operational gaps, whether you have short-term or long-term objectives.

We offer:

  • Census Processing & Review
  • Claims Preparation & Setup
  • Ancillary Charge entry
  • Billing Financial Payors
  • Entering and Reviewing Cash Receipts
  • Full Claim Adjustment processing
  • Month End Reconciliations & Closings
  • Remote Cloud Hosting or Self Hosted

Our services focus on reducing the workload and assisting in designated areas of concern. ADL can perform all the financial computer tasks of business office. Our team of financial specialists have decades of experience in Long Term Healthcare Invoicing Billing and Financial Reporting services.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your operational needs and the valuable services ADL can offer. After evaluation we will send a detailed proposal customized for your specific needs.  Let us partner with you to keep your financial operations on a successful track.

New Pointright Interface

On Monday clients linking their MDS with Pointright will experience the new Pointright user interface. No changes are necessary in the ADL software but those clients managing their own networks may need to change some settings. Please contact Pointright for more information. Be sure to download their Technical Specifications document Director as it includes important information related to IT configuration changes that will impact your ability to access the system. >>Download Technical Specifications

In case you missed their live training webinar, follow this link to access the recorded version and watch at your own convenience.

>>Watch video


Added Calculator for Collagenase Santyl Ointment to Order Entry

Order Entry has integrated the Santyl Calculator to assist in estimating the number of grams needed for therapy and the amount of SANTYL Ointment to apply per application. The calculator is available within the Order Entry Module.

When using the calculator enter the wound size and the duration of treatment to get your calculated answers. This is not intended to supersede independent clinical judgment or institutional protocols. The estimates serve as an ordering guide and are rounded values where appropriate that assume a constant wound size throughout the treatment period.


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