NYS eMolst Now Accessible via ADL Order Entry

Now ADL users can connect directly to the NYS eMOLST Registry with a single signon, eliminating the need to provide a separate login. The eMOLST registry can be accessed directly from the ADL Order Entry application. This allows the MOLST form to be shared among different healthcare organizations and eliminates the need to print and send the MOLST form when a patient is being transferred.

What is eMOLST?

The New York eMOLST Registry is a secure web-based application that allows enrolled users to complete the eMOLST forms and MOLST Chart Documentation Form (CDF) and allows 24/7 access in an emergency. It allows for electronic completion of the current New York State Department of Health-5003 MOLST form. By moving the MOLST form to a readily accessible electronic format and creating the New York eMOLST Registry, health care providers, including EMS, can have access to MOLST forms at all sites of care including hospitals, nursing homes and in the community.

Online Tutorials are available at: //www.compassionandsupport.org/index.php/for_professionals/molst_training_center/emolst