MDS Section O Medications Auto-Fill Function

Auto-Fill button added to the MDS Section O which populates the fields based on what has been entered in the computerized physician order entry (CPOE) module. This functionality facilities using either the Optimum Computerized Order Entry module or have a Bi-Directional HL7 Interface with their existing Pharmacy Vendor.


Major Software Update Released

Next week a major software update to the accounting and clinical modules is being released. Clients will receive an email notification with documentation (release notes) detailing all the fixes/enhancements that have been implemented. Many suggestions and enhancements collected over the past year have been included in his new release.


Optimum Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (IM) technologies allows real-time text-based communications (Chat/Instant Messaging ) between two or more participants in a private network/intranet, in real-time. Now users can start instant messaging sessions with all the other users by simply clicking on the new IM Button in the Optimum User Interface.

Instant Messaging enables effective and efficient communications between employees, by providing immediate answers to questions. The Optimum IM Client software only allows communications between members of the organizational network and blocks communications with popular IM programs such as AOL’s AIM or Yahoo IM. Sending patient data outside the network creates HIPAA security issues.


Federal Per Diem Report for Veterans Homes

New options added to the Federal Per Diem Report to support Multiple Rates. The options allow generating the regular report with patients receiving over 70% Disability and Service Related Disability. New pay sources have been added to track this change in reporting.


Cloud Computing – Pharmacy/NDC Data files

New Internet database services have been developed for access by the Optimum Clinical software. The national drug data files have been moved to cloud computing on the Google data center. The services will be used to automatically update the facilities drug formulary databases used by the Pharmacy and Physician Order Entry modules. This eliminates the need for users to have to manually to download and apply the updates.

The cloud computing services is being expanded to include many commonly accessed information databases.