New Rehab CCI Edits

Update to the Rehab module CCI Edits available for download. All Rehab users should make sure to download and apply the update.

The Rehab CCI edits are normally released four time a year and is effective for 3 months: v. xx.0 on Jan 1st(2nd), and is effective from 01-01 thru 03-31 v. xx.1 on Apr 1st, and is effective from 04-01 thru 06-30 v. xx.2 on Jul 1st, and is effective from 07-01 thru 09-30 v. xx.3 on Oct 1st, and is effective from 10-01 thru 12-31


Assessment Module – Prior Assessment Copy Function

This modification is for facilities wanting to complete their assessments by Exception. Exception means that the previous assessment responses are copied to the new assessment and the user changes the responses which have new or changed values.

When a New Assessment is requested, the program’s Wizard function asks if this assessment is to be copied from the previous assessment. If the copy function is requested, the Assessment data is copied from the corresponding Assessment tool (sections) regardless of which specific assessment form was previously completed.

Note: Assessments can be defined by selecting the tools (sections) to be included in the form. Thus a tool can be used in different assessment forms.


Physician Order Entry for Wait Listed Patients

CPOE module now allows entering “Draft Orders” for Patients on the Waiting List. Physician can enter Draft Orders for patients to be admitted later time or day. The Orders remain in “Draft mode” until the patient is admitted to the facility at which point they are automatically set to Active.

This function assists the facility in being able to prepare for a patient enter the facility during non-business hours and weekends. Thus working relatives can accompany a patient during an admission at more convenient times, without disrupting their work schedules.


Report Writer

Need a quick report but don’t want to wait for your IT folks to fulfill your request? Just create it yourself. ADL has released a sophisticated ReportWriter combining the best of a wizard based program and that of a traditional template-based report writer. Built on the powerful Fast reporting engine, the program offers the following advanced features:

• Edit reports and display them in a preview mode.

• Access data from back-end databases – Oracle or SQL Server

• Predefined Ables and Objects for easy access to information in the database

• Create simple, ad hoc reports almost instantly

• Develop complex grouping and sorting using an intuitive interface

• Lay out your report and format in print preview for perfect precision

• Print the report or save as a PDF to share reports with others

CNA Touch – Rehab Treatment Tracking

CNA Touch module now supports tracking Skilled Nursing Rehab treatments provided to the patients. Programmable touch buttons enable nurses and certified nursing assistants to record treatments provided using wireless and fixed touch screens at the point-of-care.