New Application Server

New application Server to be released first Quarter 2010 will replace the existing Agila Application Server. The technology will not change the existing user applications, rather it will be used to create the next generation of software.

The Server will be shipped and installed with the next software update. Server technology enables rapid application development and shared services for programs which are developed using the latest technologies available, such as:
a. Microsoft .NET Services
b. Java
c. HTML/XML Webservices
d. SOAP and REST Services
e. IPhone development
f. Cloud Computing

The Server provides highly optimized communication choices, such as BinMessage format, designed from the ground up to minimize network traffic and message parsing overhead, or the SuperTCP and SuperHTTP channels, which provide very efficient network communication and push notifications from servers to clients.

Feature Highlights:
— Powerful and Extensible Framework.
— RAD Service Modelling
— Service Tester
— Olympia session state server
— Smart Services
— Push Events
— Wide Range of Communication Channels
— Integrated Compression and Encryption
— Extensible Message Envelope Architecture
— Unicode Support
— Full support for creating and consuming SOAP and Web Services