Optimum/OmniView Portal Integration

Omnicare pharmacy clients can now access the OmniView Dashboard directly from the Optimum User Interface by clicking on the Information Pagetab. No longer does the user have to open a separate browser to access information in the OmniView Portal.

With OmniView you can achieve paperless pharmacy invoicing. Use the OmniView Portal for:

* On-line credit requests
* Resolve billing discrepancies
* Payment authorization
* Access current and historical trending data
* Validate Pricing
* Invoice drill-down

See the day-to-day impact of your cost-saving actions by using OmniView clinical and financial management reports.

* Per diem cost & drug utilization reports
* Formulary savings
* Physician prescribing trends
* Track resident census & pay class daily

This service is available free for existing Omnicare clients. Please contact Omnicare for more information and authorization to enable access to the module.