Positive Identification – Supporting Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Functions have been added to provide enable the use of biometric fingerprint identification devices to authentic the users who entered the data. Positive Id serves as the user’s Electronic Signature ensuring that the individual who entered or updated the orders is the same person that logged into the system.

This function is needed to comply with several state Rx regulations where physicians are required to use a secured authentication process to complete their electronic prescribing. Biometric identification can be used in areas where the physician has access to the Fingerprint readers.

The module currently supports all fingerprint devices manufactured by Digital Persona. Digital Persona produces a wide variety of devices that can be embedded or attached via the PC’s USB port. Scheduled for the first quarter of 2009 the software will extend support for several fingerprint readers which are embedded in HP/Compaq and Toshiba Notebook/Notepad computers.