OptimumSeries Now Provides Direct Interface to EMC’s Documentum Platform

OptimumSeries modules now provide Direct Interfaces to EMC’s Documentum Platform. This allows users to directly access to content (documents, photos, videos and medical images) via context defined searches when working in the OptimumSeries User Interface (GUI).

EMC Documentum provides for managing different types of content including business documents, photos, video, medical images, e-mail, XML-tagged documents, … etc. The Documentum Core is a repository in which the content is stored securely under compliance rules. This repository appears as a unified environment, although content may reside on multiple servers and physical storage devices.


Documentum provides a suite of services which include document management, collaboration, search, content classification, input management, customer communication management, Web content management, digital asset management, forms processing, Information Rights Management, compliance, and archiving.

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