ADL Interfaces with Real Time Medical Systems

Announcing the availability of Interface with Real Time Medical Systems. The New Interface continuously transmits EMR data to TranSights for processing and provides a direct link to their console.

TranSights™ Clinical provides care staff with detailed clinical alerts and intervention recommendations to ensure the appropriate care is administered, improving quality of care and reducing hospital readmissions.

Proactively manage quality data and outcomes with “Live” Quality Measures. TranSights uses real-time clinical documentation to generate daily QMs. These calculated care measures allow staff the opportunity to place corrective measures in place to reduce these measures in real-time. The days of relying on old MDS data and dated CASPER Reports are over.



New User Interfaces

The ADL Main application and the Order Entry modules will be released with a new rich, modern User Interface (UI). The Interface is built on the same technology as Microsoft Office products. The new User Interface offers:

  • A rich context menu system.
  • More information and Functions neatly displayed for the User.
  • Consistent appearance and behavior across Ribbon applications.
  • Adherence to Windows UI guidelines for a first-class Windows experience through accessibility standards, visual style (theming) support, automatic high contrast adjustments, and high dots per inch (dpi) awareness.
  • Placement and organization of functions for the Users.
  • Provision for more information and functions to be available to the User

The User Interface will be integrated with all the modules over the next 6 months


ADL-Optima Rehab Interface for MDS Rehab Minutes and Notes

In addition to importing the Progress Notes from Optima Rehab, facilities can import and auto-populate the MDS Rehabilitation Minutes directly into the MDS Assessments. Certification testing has been completed for the Optima Rehab MDS Rehab minutes import functions. Importing the Rehab saves time by accurately calculating the minutes from the Rehab Treatment Sheets stored on the Optima Rehab.

The import function is available in the ADL-EMR user interface and supports both Rehabilitation Vendors and In-house Rehabilitation departments.

Several integration projects are nearing completion to enable access to data from their Contracted Service providers. This is part of ADL’s ongoing commitment to provide seamless integrations between ADL Data’s EMR/EHR solutions and major software used by Vendor Service Providers.

Contact Ulysses Fleming (914-591-1800) for information on enabling these features.


Update to Surequest ThreeSquares Interface

Updates to interface adding transfer of bed retention and LOA changes on the patients. ADL ADT/Census functions now pass patient photos to the ThreeSquares Interface for printing on the Tray Cards.

SureQuest Systems, Inc., founded in 1984, is the leading provider of automated dining services with more than 1200 customers in the United States and Canada. Their customers are Senior Living Corporations, Nursing Homes, Small to Mid Sized Hospitals, Life Plan Communities (Continuing Care Communities (CCRCs)), Assisted Living Facilities, Retirement Facilities, Education and Correctional Institutions.


ADL/MDS Interface to TeamTSI Services

Users subscribing to TeamTSI’s services can now submit their completed MDS for evaluation by TeamTSI QI/QM services. The entire process is online, delivering the results in real-time directly to the user’s screen.

TeamTSI offers the Nursing Home MDS & Quality Indicator/Measure (QI/QM) Risk Analysis Service™ a cutting-edge product. This service analyzes every aspect of MDS data producing a highly effective series of risk analysis reports, resident drill-downs, clinical highlight focuses, pattern trending, reimbursement cost analysis, staffing, acuity ratios, real-time resident/facility risk focusing, and other customizable features.

For more information regarding the TeamTSI Services go to: //