MDS Section GG and New GG Data Collection and eForm

ADL introduces online GG collection forms and auto-fill function to support MDS Section GG. This are difficult enough for the direct care staff to document accurately and now there is a new set of definitions for the same or similar ADLs that also needed to be accurately coded. In addition, this GG Coding has different timelines for completion from the original MDS fields.

The GG data needs to be captured:

• At Start of SNF PPS stay, with an assessment period of days 1-3
• At End of SNF PPS stay upon discharge

Section GG the “Self Care” item does not have the separate coding for self-performance and support as are used to in Section G: rather the admission performance and discharge goal coding is combined with amount of assistance needed.

Accessing the GG Collection Tool needs to be integrated with the Admission and Discharge (ADT) Workflows.