OC3TUpdate201701.01 Clinical Release is Available for Download

Download the New Clinical Update

Name: OC3TUpdate201704.01
Release Date: 05/22/2017
Update Utility: ADL Updater
Webinar Date: 05/15/2017

Technical Notes:
A new version of ADLUpdater (v3.02) is being release: This is to support the new WebService module at the same time as OC3TUpdate201704.01 is released. Also, there was a bug where the ADLUpdater was not restarting automatically after applying an update to itself. This bug is fixed in the upcoming version 3.02. This update is going to be self-applied by the ADLUpdater upon launch as usual. However once version 3.02 is applied, the ADLUpdater will need to be started manually to apply the OC3TUpdate201704.01 package. With all future updates, the ADLUpdater should be able to restart automatically after updating itself.

ADL Updates must be applied sequentially according to release date, in the order specified in the ADL Updates Installation Guide. Please view our instructional webinar for Applying ADL Software Updates.

Supporting Documentation: Release Notes | PowerPoint | Webinar Presentation