Combating Loneliness

Combating Loneliness

Harvard-incubated organization, leveraging video conferencing and intergenerational relationships to eradicate the loneliness epidemic. Their website and information from their landing page:

Our world leaves people feeling isolated and lonely.

More people are reporting feeling alone than ever before, often leading to serious health problems. We need a way to deal with our feelings of isolation, disconnection and dissatisfaction with life.

Conversation is therapeutic beyond measure.

Together, we have the tools to combat social isolation. Conversation and video conferencing have been shown to be the most powerful tool to combat social isolation. The Concordium translates this modern approach from journals to practice, while harnessing an intergenerational approach.

Let’s combat loneliness together.

Our tool collects basic information about a user’s experiences and interests, matching individuals among different generations to have regular, 30-minute to one-hour long conversations.