ADL Receives Surescripts Certification

Adl has received Surescripts Certification for NCPDP’s SCRIPT Version 2017071 ePrescribing. This certification permits  Adl order entry Orders to participate and communicate with members of the Surescripts Network. Facilities using Adl Order Entry application can submit/change/cancel Rxs for Patients/Residents discharged to the community.

Surescripts is an Arlington, Virginia based information technology company that supports e-prescriptions, the electronic transmission of prescriptions between health care organizations and pharmacies, as well as general health information exchange of medical records.

The Surescripts Network Alliance unites virtually all electronic health records (EHR) vendors, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), pharmacies and clinicians, plus an increasing number of health plans, long-term and post-acute care organizations, specialty hubs and specialty pharmacy organizations.

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