ADL has upgraded all of our development and office PCs to Windows 10. This is to provide better HIPAA security and to support major ADL software releases and advanced features/functionality. We will continue supporting the older version of Windows, however, we are recommending that all the clients upgrade to Windows 10.

This version of Windows will provide for greater security and authentication features. Catana voice, a feature of Windows 10, will enable the users to control and run applications using their voice. The new operating system provides seamless connections between the PC, Portable devices, and Smart Phones.

The Windows 10 upgrades are free until July 2016 for all licensed users of Windows. And what will Windows 10 cost you if the miss the free upgrade window or you’re running XP or Vista? On Monday, Microsoft revealed the various prices. Windows Home will retail for $119. Windows 10 Pro will sell for price of $199. And the Windows 10 Pro Pack, which lets you upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, will cost you $99.