HL7 Interface for Nova Biomedical Glucose Meters

Scan patients barcoded labels/bracelets and perform the Glucose testing. Once the testing is completed and the Meter is docked, the test results are automatically uploaded to the patients’ Electronic Health Records (EHR).

The Nova StatStrip™ point-of-care glucose monitor enables bedside glucose testing with analytical performance that approaches the quality of central laboratory testing. StatStrip’s 6-second analysis time, color touch screen operation, and simple operating steps make bedside glucose testing fast and easy. Its small, 1.2 microliter sample size results in easy sample acquisition and minimal pain for the patient.

StatStrip incorporates four well glucose measuring strip technologies. Nova’s exclusive Multi-Well™ system measures and corrects hematocrit interference as well as interferences from acetaminophen (Tylenol), uric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), maltose, galactose, xylose, and lactose. StatStrip eliminates oxygen interference for accurate glucose results regardless of the sample’s oxygen status.

StatStrip requires no calibration coding, avoiding another potential source of error. An incorrect input of a calibration code can change the reported glucose value by up to 40%.

Additional Features:

* Connect to hospital ADT/LIS/EMR
* Color touch screen
* Built-in barcode scanner
* Abnormal and critical ranges flagged by color highlighting
* Canned or free text user comments
* Flagging of Tight Glycemic Control results
* Accept patient ID or accession number
* Use of operator password (lockout)
* Entry of offline tests
* Entry of ICD-9 Diagnosis codes
* On-screen training mode
* HlPOCT1-A data output

Optimum/OmniView Portal Integration

Omnicare pharmacy clients can now access the OmniView Dashboard directly from the Optimum User Interface by clicking on the Information Pagetab. No longer does the user have to open a separate browser to access information in the OmniView Portal.

With OmniView you can achieve paperless pharmacy invoicing. Use the OmniView Portal for:

* On-line credit requests
* Resolve billing discrepancies
* Payment authorization
* Access current and historical trending data
* Validate Pricing
* Invoice drill-down

See the day-to-day impact of your cost-saving actions by using OmniView clinical and financial management reports.

* Per diem cost & drug utilization reports
* Formulary savings
* Physician prescribing trends
* Track resident census & pay class daily

This service is available free for existing Omnicare clients. Please contact Omnicare for more information and authorization to enable access to the module.

Positive Identification – Supporting Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Functions have been added to provide enable the use of biometric fingerprint identification devices to authentic the users who entered the data. Positive Id serves as the user’s Electronic Signature ensuring that the individual who entered or updated the orders is the same person that logged into the system.

This function is needed to comply with several state Rx regulations where physicians are required to use a secured authentication process to complete their electronic prescribing. Biometric identification can be used in areas where the physician has access to the Fingerprint readers.

The module currently supports all fingerprint devices manufactured by Digital Persona. Digital Persona produces a wide variety of devices that can be embedded or attached via the PC’s USB port. Scheduled for the first quarter of 2009 the software will extend support for several fingerprint readers which are embedded in HP/Compaq and Toshiba Notebook/Notepad computers.


Advanced Software AutoUpdater

Installing applications on user computers is only a part of the job. After the installation, we need to keep the software and SQL tables up to date as fix and enhancements are released. To automate the update process, ADL has developed an Advanced Auto-Updater which checks over the Internet with the ADL Update Server for new software releases, fixes and updates .

If updates are available, the user is notified of the available updates and can use the Auto-Updater to download and install updates. The Auto-Updater handles patches, new software modules and update the SQL control tables. Easy to ensure that your users are always using the latest version of the software.

The Advanced Updater will be included as part of the next major software update.

Mobile Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Mobile EHR/CPOE enables physicians and nurses to improve patient care by ensuring the safety of every prescription written. The Computerized Physician Order Entry is an easy-to-use, software solution that is safe and secure. The physician orders for the patient are accessible from your computer, handheld device and/or cell phone. Nursing can send immediate notifications to the attending physician regarding any changes in condition or modifications needed to physician orders for a patient. Multiple options are provided to sending alerts are available.

Prescriptions can be restricted to the facility’s formulary and the new prescriptions are validated for interactions and appropriateness. Once completed and signed, the orders entered are transmitted to the vendor pharmacy or in-house pharmacy to be filled.

Other order types such as treatment, consults, laboratory can be entered and updated using the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA, e.g IPhone, Palm Treos) devices. If your laboratory vendor has an HL7 compliant system, you can access the patient’s laboratory results.

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