Print Using Multiple Attached Local Label Printers

New feature handles multiple label printers attached to the same PC. This enables printing different size labels without having to change the print cartridge.

For example: A 3/8″ label might be used for the patient bracelet and a 1″ Label for the Resident’s Room nameplate. With a single label printer the task is cumbersome requiring the user to change the cartridges in the printer each time a set of labels needs to be printed.

The new print function allows multiple USB label printers to be connected to a PC and in the setup the function can be directed send the instructions to the corresponding printer.

OpimumSeries Document Imaging and Archiving

Document Imaging can be added to your Optimum Graphical Interface. Documents can be scanned for Patients, Accounts Payable, General Ledger or any other OptimumSeries module. Bring the power and convenience of commercial document imaging to your organization as a very attractive price.

To start scanning you will need a document scanner installed to your PC. Once the software module is installed, special document folders are added to the user interface used to store the scanned images. Single or multi-page documents can be scanned and saved to these folders. Documents are stored with date/time stamps and comments.

Scanned documents or faxes can be read directly on your computer screen. Send documents to others as e-mail attachments or faxes.

Examples: Scan the discharge hospital discharge documents and store then in a folder under the patient’s name.

Scan Bills of Lading into a vendor’s account to keep record of the items received.

Print Strip Labels – New Button Added to Interface

A new button has been added to the top of the Optimum interface to print patient name and barcode data to an attached label printer. When the button is clicked, the program send data to a Brother P-Touch 1500PC printer attached locally to your computer. The labels can be used to create the patient bracelets, labels for scanning applications, and cloth labels to iron into the patient’s clothing.

The PT-1500PC computer label printer allows you to from your computer into a P-Touch label. No line limitations, no style limitations, uses any TrueType fonts. . It is easy to include logos, pictures, custom graphics or just plain text. Print up to 13 different bar code protocols. The PT-1500PC uses TZ tapes, available in 5 sizes from 1/4″ to 1″, in a wide range of color combinations. Select from a variety of laminated or specialty tapes including industrial adhesive tape for harsh environments.

It is Windows compatible, using a USB connection.


MDS Interface to NYAHSA/FLTC EQUIP System

ADL has developed an interface to NYSAHA’s EQUIP system. Now your MDS submissions can automatically update the your EQUIP database making easier to use their Continuous Quality Improvement software. EQUIP analyzes the MDS submission and can produce reports that are used by clinical staff and administrators at more than 400 long term care facilities to:

– Improve quality of care
– Predict patient risk
– Improve accuracy of MDS data and survey preparation
– Benchmark the performance of your facilities
– Better manage risk and liability

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ADL/MDS Interface To PointRight System

PointRight’s Data Integrity Audit™ is a patented tool that analyzes every section of your MDS assessments prior to submitting them to the state or including them in the permanent clinical record. Instant online feedback enables facility staff to correct any inconsistencies and verify required documentation. Monthly reports aggregate facility, regional and corporate data and provide insights into strengths and weaknesses.

Many facilities across the country use this tool for compliance testing.

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