OptimumSeries Now Supports ICD-10 Coding

Software has been enhanced to support the ICD10 codes. In an effort to ensure that our clients have sufficient time to plan and implement the needed changes to support ICD-10, the software has been enhanced to handle the ICD10 coding.

CMS Deadlines
•March 31, 2013: Internal impact assessment: Determine how ICD-10 codes will affect your organization.
•May 31, 2013: External impact assessment: Understand how ICD-10 implementation will affect your payers, vendors and other partners. How will you need to support their compliance?
•May 31, 2013: Baseline budget formulation: Figure out how much the ICD-10 transition will cost.
•Through June 31, 2013: Education: Raise ICD-10 awareness requirements and formal training for key personnel.
•Dec. 31, 2013: Business process changes: Upgrade systems, procedures and technologies.
•March 31, 2014: Internal testing and validation: ICD-10 codes must work in your organization
•Sept. 30, 2014: External testing and validation: Test transactions and medical claims with your partners.

CMS Implementation Guide //www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/downloads/ICD10SmallandMediumPractices508.pdf

CMS ICD-10 Transition Basics //www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/Downloads/ICD10FAQs.pdf

Healthcare IT News ICD10Watch //www.icd10watch.com/category/blogtags/cms-0

Tracking Medicare Part D Plans

Software update to allow entering and tracking patients’ Medicare Part D Insurers and Plans. The Plan information will be used in the Order Entry to prevent physicians from ordering drugs that are not covered under the patient’s plan. Once the coverage is entered, the Order Entry module can check the drug being ordered against the coverage. If the drug is not covered the system automatically displays the covered medications that can be substituted for the Ordered Medication.

If not covered medications are ordered, the cost of the Rx will be invoiced to the facility. A detailed description of the non-covered drugs can be found at: //www.q1medicare.com/PartD-MoreOnTheDonutHolesOrCoverageGap.php

Update will include the Medicare Part D tables that define all the available plans.