OpimumSeries Document Imaging and Archiving

Document Imaging can be added to your Optimum Graphical Interface. Documents can be scanned for Patients, Accounts Payable, General Ledger or any other OptimumSeries module. Bring the power and convenience of commercial document imaging to your organization as a very attractive price.

To start scanning you will need a document scanner installed to your PC. Once the software module is installed, special document folders are added to the user interface used to store the scanned images. Single or multi-page documents can be scanned and saved to these folders. Documents are stored with date/time stamps and comments.

Scanned documents or faxes can be read directly on your computer screen. Send documents to others as e-mail attachments or faxes.

Examples: Scan the discharge hospital discharge documents and store then in a folder under the patient’s name.

Scan Bills of Lading into a vendor’s account to keep record of the items received.

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