Print Strip Labels – New Button Added to Interface

A new button has been added to the top of the Optimum interface to print patient name and barcode data to an attached label printer. When the button is clicked, the program send data to a Brother P-Touch 1500PC printer attached locally to your computer. The labels can be used to create the patient bracelets, labels for scanning applications, and cloth labels to iron into the patient’s clothing.

The PT-1500PC computer label printer allows you to from your computer into a P-Touch label. No line limitations, no style limitations, uses any TrueType fonts. . It is easy to include logos, pictures, custom graphics or just plain text. Print up to 13 different bar code protocols. The PT-1500PC uses TZ tapes, available in 5 sizes from 1/4″ to 1″, in a wide range of color combinations. Select from a variety of laminated or specialty tapes including industrial adhesive tape for harsh environments.

It is Windows compatible, using a USB connection.