ADL-Optima Rehab Interface for MDS Rehab Minutes and Notes

In addition to importing the Progress Notes from Optima Rehab, facilities can import and auto-populate the MDS Rehabilitation Minutes directly into the MDS Assessments. Certification testing has been completed for the Optima Rehab MDS Rehab minutes import functions. Importing the Rehab saves time by accurately calculating the minutes from the Rehab Treatment Sheets stored on the Optima Rehab.

The import function is available in the ADL-EMR user interface and supports both Rehabilitation Vendors and In-house Rehabilitation departments.

Several integration projects are nearing completion to enable access to data from their Contracted Service providers. This is part of ADL’s ongoing commitment to provide seamless integrations between ADL Data’s EMR/EHR solutions and major software used by Vendor Service Providers.

Contact Ulysses Fleming (914-591-1800) for information on enabling these features.