ADL Receives Opentext (Liaison) Certification for Bi-Directional HL7 Laboratory Interface

ADL Receives Opentext (Liaison) Certification for Bi-Directional HL7 Laboratory Interface.
ADL has been Certified for the (formerly Liaison). Bi-Directional Laboratory Interface. Now Laboratory orders can be sent electronically to the Laboratory over the Opentext Network. The Laboratory returns the Results both PDF and the resulting Lab values. This will enable the software to perform Data analysis and generate Insights on the results.
This enables physicians to review the results and write their chart notes.


  • Increase Speed – Exchange Orders and Results in a matter of Seconds.
  • Streamline Laboratory Ordering and Monitoring process.
  • Improve Accuracy – Minimal Human Intervention.
  • Eliminate Expenses – Paperless Ordering and Reporting
  • Leverage Realtime Transactions – Faster and Better decision making

Liaison Technologies is a global integration and data management company. It provides innovative solutions to integrate, transform, harmonize, manage and secure critical business data on-premise or in the cloud. With a comprehensive array of business-to-business and application-to-application integration and data transformation services, as well as on-premise and cloud-based data security solutions, Liaison’s practitioners implement data management infrastructures adapted to each client’s specific business requirements. Headquartered in Atlanta, Liaison has offices in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
Large number of Laboratory systems are already connected to the Opentext network.

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Opt out of Ad Track on your Smartphone

How to reset your advertising ID and opt out of targeted ad tracking on Android and iPhone


1. Tap on the Google Settings app icon – that’s the cog with the “G” inside, and it’s different from your general Settings app, where the Display and other menus are located;

2. In Google Settings, go to Services > Ads, and checkmark the Opt out of interest-based ads option;

3. Tap on the Reset advertising ID option at the top.


How to reset your advertising ID, and opt out of targeted ad tracking on iOS

1. Go to the Settings app;

2. Scroll to the Privacy menu, and go inside;

3. Go all the way to the bottom, until you find the Advertising menu;

4. In Advertising, move the slider for the Limit Ad Tracking to on position;

5. Tap the Reset Advertising Identifier that is underneath the Limit Ad Tracking option.

That’s all, folks – resetting your advertising IDs will generate a brand new identifier that is unencumbered with previous product searches and website visits, and, since you’ve also chosen to opt out of, or limit targeted ads, those pesky sneaker commercials will now be gone for good. After all, you just changed your mind, and bought a nice pair of espadrilles, no need to stare at that Converse sale for weeks at a time.

CMS Posted Final Version Of Their PDPM Grouper DLL Zip File

CMS has posted the final version of their PDPM Grouper DLL zip file, v1.0006, and the FY2021 list of allowable ICD-10 codes for item I0020B to their MDS 3.0 Technical Information website.

Per the posting notice: “This version supports the calculation of PDPM payment codes on OBRA assessments when not combined with the 5-day SNF PPS assessment, specifically the OBRA comprehensive (NC) and OBRA quarterly (NQ) assessment item sets.  Note that the grouper will return 4-character codes for these OBRAs.

It is important to include the control item STATE_PDPM_OBRA_CD (as defined in the V3.00.5 errata for the FINAL version (v3.00.1) of the MDS 3.0 Data Specifications) for assessments with target date on or after October 1, 2020. 

Note that this FINAL version supports the ICD-10 codes that are defined in the data specifications as valid for item I0020B for FY2021.  Also, please note that the grouper expects valid FY2021 ICD-10 codes for I8000A-J when processing assessments with target date on or after October 1, 2020. 

In addition, the lookup files containing the allowable ICD codes for item I0020B have been updated for FY2021, and is posted as a separate ZIP file.”