9 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

Android experts David & David tell you about the nine Android settings you should turn off immediately. These 9 simple tips will help you save battery life by taking the load off of your Android phone’s processor and help protect your personal privacy. We recorded this video using a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10. If you have a different phone, or if your Android is running a different version of the OS, the Settings app may look slightly different, but these tips will still work! 

0:49 Turn Off Nearby Device Scanning 

1:09 Choose Which Apps Can Run In The Background 

2:42 Turn Off Usage And Diagnostic Information 

3:13 Turn Off Ad Personalization 

4:17 Turn Off Improve Accuracy 

4:43 Turn Off Google Location History 

5:09 Turn Off Network Data Analytics 

5:34 Restrict Background Data For Specific Apps 

6:22 Turn Off Install Unknown Apps

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9 Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now Android experts David & David tell you about the nine #Android #settings you should turn off immediately. These 9 simple #tips will help you save battery lif… youtu.be

Countdown Timer app for Windows 10

Timer apps help organize work and keep a tab on your schedule. Of the many countdown stopwatch options available in the market, here is one of the best timer apps & widgets available for Windows 10. You can use this apps to up your productivity and get in charge of your time. This app works on Windows PC.

Download here:


Hourglass – The simple countdown timer for Windows Hourglass is the most advanced simple countdown timer for Windows. Just enter a time in just about any format, and hit Enter. chris.dziemborowicz.com

Free Mobile App for Captioning Phone Calls for Hard of Hearing or Deaf

InnoCaption is a free mobile app, funded by the FCC, for the oral deaf and hard of hearing that provides CART captioning for incoming and outgoing calls InnoCaption by Mezmo Corporation

For more information visit:


Seniors with Hearing Loss Stay Connected with Free Caption Phones

Hearing loss makes using the telephone difficult

When older adults have hearing loss, using the phone can become nearly impossible. If your older adult has been avoiding talking on the phone, that could be the cause.

But telephones are an important source of safety and social connection. So, we found a special type of phone that solves this problem.

It’s called a caption phone. Even better, internet-based caption phones and service are free for people with hearing loss through a program funded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How seniors can get a free caption phone

To get a free caption phone, first choose a company that sells caption phones.

There are many companies that offer caption phones and service (in alphabetic order), here are some: