Infection Control Module

New Optimum EMR module for recording and assessing infections. Software automates the labor-intensive task of documenting the cases, identifying patients with pathogens, antibiograms, or antibiotics. requiring monitoring. It provides fast and accurate determination and reporting of Nosocomial and other infections.


24-Hour Supervisor Reporting Blog

New add-on module providing a secured blog for supervisors and administrators to post important information to be shared.

The blog is accessed from the user interface and displays the posting in time sequence. Daily Blog entries are a log of the major issues that need to be noted or addressed. Users can lookup or print the posting for any selected date. Text search feature allows finding posts by words or phrases.

The blogging engine is based on the popular Apache Foundation Blogging engine, Roller. It can also be used natively to provide blogs for the facility’s website.


New Application Server

New application Server to be released first Quarter 2010 will replace the existing Agila Application Server. The technology will not change the existing user applications, rather it will be used to create the next generation of software.

The Server will be shipped and installed with the next software update. Server technology enables rapid application development and shared services for programs which are developed using the latest technologies available, such as:
a. Microsoft .NET Services
b. Java
c. HTML/XML Webservices
d. SOAP and REST Services
e. IPhone development
f. Cloud Computing

The Server provides highly optimized communication choices, such as BinMessage format, designed from the ground up to minimize network traffic and message parsing overhead, or the SuperTCP and SuperHTTP channels, which provide very efficient network communication and push notifications from servers to clients.

Feature Highlights:
— Powerful and Extensible Framework.
— RAD Service Modelling
— Service Tester
— Olympia session state server
— Smart Services
— Push Events
— Wide Range of Communication Channels
— Integrated Compression and Encryption
— Extensible Message Envelope Architecture
— Unicode Support
— Full support for creating and consuming SOAP and Web Services

Facility Administrative Blog

New module to improve communications between administration and the staff. Supervisors can post messages to the Blog that can be viewed by the administrators and other authorized personnel. The Blog is based on the popular Blogs used on the Internet and feature many of the same capabilities. However, this blog is private to the organization and cannot be viewed except by authorized individuals.

Blog entries are organized by date and can include discussion threads on each posting. The blogging engine is based on the Apache blogging engine, therefore it can be viewed by authorized individuals using a standard browser and Internet connection. Now you can check on the facility issues from anywhere in the world.


Electronic Bed Board (EBB)

The Electronic Bed Board module displays a visual map of the occupancy of the rooms by nursing unit. The status of each room and bed is displayed in a visual grid with the patient names displayed in colors to indicate the gender of the patient. The information can be displayed on monitors of different sizes ranging from 17″ to 60″ HD-TV monitors.

The information displayed is based on the Daily Census and will update instantly upon any changes to the census data.

Monitors can be mounted on the walls to display the Bed Board so the staff can view room and bed status at a glance. Multiple monitors are supported for large or multi-facility organizations. Special flags can be set for each room/bed to indicate the status or actions that need to be performed. Example: a bed or room can be flag as “quarantined”.


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